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One exquisite art display – meticulously planned, perfectly executed.  You can always entrust your precious pieces into our safe hands. Ting Ying Blanc de Chine display at ESH Gallery (Milan) 2019 Over the past year, we have developed a close working relationship with Peter Ting, owner of Ting Ying Gallery and acclaimed ceramics artist. We regularly assist the Ting Ying Gallery with their shipping needs for individual pieces being shipped anywhere in the world. We
We do not yet fully know all the implications of ‘Brexit’ and when, or even if, the UK will be leaving the European Union. For now, we want to put your mind at ease and to let you know that if the UK does leave the European Union and you’re shipping from outside the UK, we will still be able to take care of all your importation needs. You will continue to enjoy the same
Every day of our lives we are besieged by an ever-increasing wave of digital content.  Advertising and updates from family, friends, advice from ‘influencers’ or businesses.  However frustrating you may feel this bombardment is, the truth of the matter is that billions of people worldwide, yourself included (or you wouldn’t be reading this!) continue to log in and read a tiny fraction of the total content across a range of platforms. As a business, it
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There are pages and pages of advice online about how to pull off the perfect exhibition, build the best stand or save the most money.  In this blog, we explore some tips and ways that can make the planning and logistics elements of your exhibition cost-effective and as stress-free as they can be.  We bring you our Short & Sweet Trade Shipping Show Tips! This obviously doesn’t cover every possibility and scenario, but they will
Art galleries, by the very nature of their business frequently need to ship a lot of art, to a lot of different places. Each piece of artwork presents its own unique challenges for packing and shipping, and they frequently require a bespoke, custom built packing solution to ensure its safe transit and final delivery. But sometimes, finding the perfect solution for our customers requires a little more lateral thinking… The medium of the artwork will