When sending materials, equipment or exhibition stands to or from North America, you need to be sure that you have someone you can rely on at each end.

We have our own office in Chicago (IL) so we can provide that seamless support for you. 

With 6 hours time difference between Chicago and the UK, we are best placed to handle any shipments you have between North America and Europe.

Our US team share our expertise in all aspects of logistics, event support and exhibition stand (booth) building, providing you with a reliable partner you can always count on. 

Our services include:

Supporting our International Customers...

For our international customers, EBISS Inc. handle not only the US Customs brokerage formalities but also the local deliveries to the exhibition venue.  Upon the close of the exhibition, we will then handle the return shipment to the country of origin or forward the shipment to the next venue.

We provide Customs brokerage services for international companies exhibiting in the USA.  Whether you already have a freight agent or need our help, we are perfectly positioned to help you.

Our agents are located in all major cities around the world have local knowledge that is paramount to ensure the success of your event.  They can also communicate with you in your local time zones and language.

You may choose to use your own freight agent, however they should check with us for our shipping instructions.

For each event, we’ll supply shipping instructions so that everyone knows

  • When to have their shipment ready
  • What the sea and airfreight deadlines are
  • When shipments should arrive at the relevant port/airport

Take a look at our website at www.ebiss-usa.com


London | UK

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Chicago | USA

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