Warehousing, Storage & Maintenance


Whatever you need stored, for as long as you need it...

Our secure, modern warehouse facilities in the UK and USA are available for your use. Our premises are CCTV monitored 24/7 and our security system is linked to the local police.

When storing your event materials, you need to know where you are storing them is professionally and efficiently managed, that the warehouse is clean and tidy, that the warehouse is secure with the appropriate security and that the company managing the storage knows exactly what is stored.

Our warehouse is a modern, secure and clean facility where we store your equipment, event and exhibition assets and other materials for your events.

Storage is available for palletised, crated, flight cases and sleeved pop-up banner stands plus smaller boxed items racking. 

We provide an on-line inventory which you can access 24/7 and see exactly what we have in store at any point, which makes planning for your events so much easier! 

You pay only for the space you use, while you are using it – no long term contracts or overheads apply.  

All of this is backed up by the convenience of our door-to-door collection and delivery services. 

Post-event cleaning & maintenance...

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When your exhibition stand or assets are stored with us, you can be sure that it is always in perfect condition and ready to go whenever you request it for your next event.  


During events your stand, counter, furniture or other assets may incur accidental damage, or additional cleaning may be required. 


Once your equipment is returned to our warehouse we can carry out a comprehensive check of the following:

  • All components are present 
  • All components are in good condition
  • Check all lighting is working
  • Notify you of any damage observed
  • Arrange a quote to rectify any damage
  • Carry out any repair work needed
  • Clean all surfaces, wash fabric covers if appropriate
  • Repack all components in their cases
  • All equipment will be cleaned and sanitised after each event
  • Stored securely until you next need it

London | UK

Tel: +44 (0)203 780 0666


Chicago | USA

Tel: +1 815 733 1090

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