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AV & Electrical equipment available to rent

We have a range of Plasma/LCD/LED screens of various sizes either desk mounted or mounted to a free standing trolley or stand.  You can connect these to your Laptop, plug in a USB device or even connect to a games console.

We can also mount screens onto your existing exhibition stand, or add as part of your rental stand.

When you rent any electrical equipment from us, we will always ensure that you have the correct electrical adaptors for your destination country, plus we can supply any extensions reels, cables or multi-socket extension leads, tested and suitable for your purposes.  

Giant iTab - touchscreen technology


 We have this fabulous touch screen 42″ Giant iTab available to rent for your one-off events.  No need for you to invest in expensive technology – because we already have! 

It requires no specialist programming or bespoke graphics, simply download apps from the Play Store or Apple store, or we can easily preload with your own content or brochures if you prefer.

Creates a fantastic visitor engagement and enables efficient and accurate digital data capture – so you never miss out on another lead. 

Simple, effective, eye catching.

What can I use it for?
The iTab instantly gives your stand kerb appeal and draws visitors to your stand. It can be used to run any digital content such as videos, display brochures, connect to the internet to show your social media, website or maps for location queries – or even useful show specific information such as timetables for the local train station, for example.

Will our exhibition stand visitors know how to use it?
Absolutely! Every visitor will already be familiar with a touch screen smart phone – the iTab user interface is exactly the same. This means there is no barrier to people approaching and interacting with this technology. There is no ‘fear of the new’ as they already know how to use it – it’s just much bigger and more impressive than usual!

Does it need Wi-Fi/internet connection?
It can have valuable applications whether online or offline. If you want to run apps online, then yes, it would require an internet connection. However you can also upload your own brochures, photos, videos, floor plans so it can still be a very useful tool for generating customer engagement even without an internet connection.


For more answers to FAQ’s about the Giant iTab – please get in touch or visit our blog here



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