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Exhibiting in the US for the 1st time?

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Our top tips to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Exhibiting in the US undoubtably offers you some fantastic opportunities, but it can be a little different to exhibiting in other countries as they have a few systems and processes that are specifically unique to the USA.

Throughout our nearly 30 years of experience as exhibition and event logistics specialists, we have seen the issues that have caught exhibitors visiting the USA for the first time by surprise in the past. So we have put together a couple of tips to save you from any unexpected problems…because NOBODY needs surprises on your show day!

Terminology – Your stand is now called your booth, a simple one maybe – but it can cause confusion, trust us!

Ordering of stand services – One of the biggest differences between events in the UK or Europe and the US is that your services (electrical, internet, flooring etc.) are generally NOT INCLUDED in your show packet and often must be booked separately, at an additional cost to you. Always check your exhibitor packet carefully so you know exactly what is included and plan accordingly.

Stand height or line of sight restrictions – Since US shows do not use a “shell system” each stand is potentially a different height, therefore event organisers often put restrictions in place to ensure every stand has equal visibility. Always check your show regulations to ensure your stand fits within their specific regulations.

Install (build) & dismantle – Most, but not all, venues in the US offer this service as an option which you will need to book in advance. If your show does not, you will have the opportunity to contract your own labour crew to set up and dismantle your stand. If you need help arranging this, EBISS-USA can help you put the right resources in place.

Advance Warehouse V Show Site Delivery – Most US shows will provide the option to ship your stand early to an advance warehouse. This ensures that your stand in there in plenty of time and will be delivered direct to the show by the organiser. Alternatively, your stand can be delivered right to the show on the build day – completely your choice, but there may be some savings (and additional peace of mind for you) in arranging your shipping a far in advance as possible.

Drayage (or material handling) – This is an unavoidable, and often unexpected, expense. Drayage refers to the movement of your exhibition materials from the delivery vehicle to your booth space, removing empty packing crates or pallets and then the reverse when packing up after the show. A drayage contractor is appointed by the show organiser so your logistics company will not have any control over these charges unfortunately. You can read more about Drayage here.

Electrics – Is your electrical setup compatible with US regulations, voltage and fittings (ie. Plugs)

Whether you need help with every aspect of exhibiting with full service coordination and stands or are simply looking for logistical support and shipping you can count on, a call to EBISS are the only call you will need to made.

With dedicated offices in the UK and the USA we have the expertise on hand, both sides of the Atlantic, to ensure your event attendance goes as smoothly as possible.

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like a quick quote for your next exhibition:

UK +44 203 780 0666                         USA +1 815 733 1090

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