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Custom built exhibition stands - imagined by you, built by us...

The process of design commences with us taking a brief from you so that we know what you want to create but most importantly, why you want to create it.

Our experienced designers will then create a drawing of how we interpret your needs.  After that, we will work on the finer details with you until you have the stand you wanted and more.

Custom build stands are designed and made from the ground up, they work for any stand sizes and configuration.

They offer great value as you can go for simplicity and clean lines as well as incorporating meeting room spaces or demonstration areas that are built to purpose.

By making sure the brief we take is accurate, we can design a stand that can be built in different configurations which gives value for money from your investment. 

Utilising our many years of experience in designing and installing stands, we can also advise you on design elements that work well, are flexible to your future needs and help you design your stand to give your brand the greatest possible impact.  

Modular Exhibition Stands


Creating a bespoke stand for you, but using components that are almost off the shelf. You remove the need to construct every element from scratch which gives you great cost savings.

Flexible solution

Modular display stands offer you a perfect balance as they are a very cost-effective and efficient solution that gives you great flexibility to add in additional components or indeed, make simple changes, whilst offering great impact for your brand at every event.

Speedy & efficient

You then create your brand identity using vinyl, foamex or fabric panels which can be slotted into, or fixed by magnets, onto the modular framework.  This makes the set-up and dismantling speedy and efficient.

Just one example of the flexible, bespoke exhibition stand solutions available.  Working to your specifications and requirements we have a range of solutions that are guaranteed to be the right fit for your business and help you achieve your exhibition goals. 

Featuring the T3 Flexi System. 

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