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Case Study: Karhoo – An International car booking platform needed a stand in a hurry…

When you need a stand in a hurry, and you need it delivering and installing at 2 exhibitions in 2 different countries in a matter of weeks – you need a one-stop-shop exhibition services supplier you can count on!

Karhoo Europe recently found themselves in that position, which is when they found EBISS. Booked in for exhibitions in Manchester and Lyon, the first of which was only 5 weeks away, but with no stand, no final design – just plenty of ideas and a tight deadline. This is where we come in!

The Challenge:
Creating an attractive exhibition stand that had maximum impact, versatile so that it can be changed from English to French language display easily, supported the Karhoo branding, delivered direct to a UK venue and installed, ready for the first exhibition – on time.

The Solution:
The Stand Design: Working closely with our operations team a stand frame style and floorplan was quickly agreed. A 3 panel T3 frame, with 2 magnetic vinyl side panels, an illuminated fabric covered centre panel, with a TV mounted on one side panel.

EBISS provided Karhoo with 3D renderings to show the different options for colouring the panels based on their initial designs. As you can see, the colour of the centre panel can make a dramatic difference to the impact of a stand – the navy centre panel when lit would give the company logo good stand out, but the white centre panel brings the whole design together and really makes it pop. Our operations team are experts when it comes to stand design and they are always on hand to offer valuable advice if needed.

Karhoo – 3D Renderings of 2 design options

The finished design fitted their brief perfectly on all levels:
– Tailored to their specified footprint
– The lightbox centre panel gives immediate standout and kerb appeal
– Subtle undercounter lighting on the table helps attract the eye of visitors
– Magnetic vinyl panels can be easily swapped around to accommodate language changes, limiting text to 1 panel maximises versatility & minimises costs
– TV runs their promotional video via a USB Memory stick, which again can easily be swapped out for alternative language options.
– TV can be mounted on either side of the centre panel – simply swap the magnetic vinyl panels over as needed, which gives it compatibility for many more shows going forward
– Printed panels were produced within 2 weeks, so fitted the required timescale
-The T3 modular stand construction clips together easily and packs away into custom shipping boxes for easy transport, so it is perfect when the turnaround between shows is limited as you can be certain that everything you need to rebuild it is safely packed away at the end of a show.

We test build every stand in our warehouse prior to packing and shipping – so we know every bulb is bright and every panel is perfect!

Thorough Checking Procedures:
Prior to sending any stand out to any show, whether a brand new stand or an existing stand that has been stored since a previous exhibition, we always build the stand in our clean & modern warehouse area to check the condition and to ensure that all of the components are present.
This is essential for new stands for a number of reasons, so we can:
– Check the stand and all graphics are present
– Check that all the graphic panels fit and are correct
– Ensure the TV position is correct
– Send a photograph to our client, for their approval and peace of mind
– Ensure it is packed away in such a manner it is easy to build at the venue

For stands that have been used previously is also means we can:
– Check all graphics are undamaged
– Check, and wash if necessary, any fabric panels that are marked or dirty
– Check all component parts are present
– Checked sufficiently well in advance of any show to ensure no last-minute panic to replace damaged panels or missing parts
Our thorough checking procedure ensures peace of mind for our clients, and makes the stand build straightforward at the venue as our team have a clear image to follow and can be certain that they have every component they will need for the installation.

The Logistics:
Using our own vehicle, we arranged for the stand to be delivered to the Manchester venue and built in plenty of time for the first exhibition. Afterwards, we dismantled and packed away the stand and returned it to our warehouse to carry out our standard thorough checking procedures (see above). The stand was then repacked – ensuring the correct graphics (French) were included, and then we arranged the delivery and installation of the stand in its new location in Lyon, France only 1 week later.

The Outcome:
1 Happy customer, 2 successful exhibitions (& counting!), 1 effective & versatile exhibition stand that will provide cost effective service for many years to come!

Happy customers. This stand has already had multiple uses at exhibitions all over Europe.

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