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An EPIC European journey…delivered!

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To UK holiday makers, Tenerife is just a short hop on a plane, but how about if you need to transport an over 2m tall, 85kg marketing and advertising digital booth to Tenerife airport? Oh, and they have no commercial freight flights into the island at all. Suddenly it doesn’t sound quite so simple anymore…

The Challenge: Transporting a 2m tall crated digital marketing booth safely and cost effectively to Tenerife Airport. Tenerife is found in the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, 62 miles off the coast of Africa. There is no air freight to the island, so a combined road & sea freight approach is needed.

Our customer, Ottimo Digital, had created a bespoke Phone Booth style digital marketing booth for their client, and contacted EBISS to help them deliver this piece to the location dictated by their client – which was the Duty Free area of Tenerife Sud Airport.

2m tall, phone box style advertising booth

The solution: We knew that this would require a combination of road and sea freight to achieve our goal. Using our extensive network of logistic contacts in the UK and Spain, we arranged a route that involved the booth travelling a total of 2471 miles via a combination of road and sea freight routes.

The epic journey began in Newport, South Wales where the crate was collected and then transported to the Port of Dover, the short ferry trip to Calais was uneventful with the recently hyped border delays non-existent.

The Journey in numbers:
• 2471 miles in total
• 1605 road miles
• 866 sea miles
• 2 ferries
• 3 road vehicles
• 67 hours travelling time
• Over 25 travelling hours on the road
• 42 ½ hours at sea


Once rolled off the ferry it began the longest stretch of its road journey – the 970 miles to Madrid, ready for forwarding on to the Spanish port of Huelva where it could begin the longest sea section of its journey – the 834 miles to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the island. A short hop down the beautiful coastline of Tenerife and it has arrived at its destination.

Tenerife Coast

Due to the nature of the installation location there were limitations on the time of delivery, it needed to be delivered out of hours, and the packing crate required removing and storing for a month, before the booth is sent on to its next glamorous location.

We were able to arrange all of this on their behalf, thanks to our logistics expertise and flexibility – anything is possible!

Have you got any logistics requirements that may need a service provider that can deliver flexibility, expertise, reliability and a guarantee to deliver on time and in perfect condition? If you do, then contact EBISS – it’s the only call you will need to make!


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