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4 Quick Tips for Savvy Show Savings

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Exhibiting can be a costly venture, but with a few savvy tricks and plenty of forward planning there are some quick and easy fixes that could save you money without reducing on your show impact.

Plan ahead!

  • Last minute panic printing & shipping can get expensive – why not arrange your printing in advance & have it delivered direct to your venue along with your stand on show day to save additional delivery charges
  • Book your transport early – that way your logistics company can shop around on your behalf to find the best deals, and sometimes even consolidate with other exhibitors
  • Book staff accommodation & travel as early as is practical – last minute = expensive (& probably an inconvenient location too)
  • Read your show pack carefully – there may be discounts available for certain services if booked early by set deadlines.  Check what is included & what needs to be booked or paid for seperately.  Last minute surprises = additional cost + stress!

Smart stand design

  • Clever stand design that can be packed up into compact containers can be cost effectively shipped.  Plus they keep them safe for the next show so you don’t have to pay for repairs to a stand that may have been packed away inappropriately
  • Versatile stand design that can be reconfigured will give you flexibility for future events
  • Energy efficient lighting – LEDs are more efficient & lighter, easier & more robust for shipping
  • Rent your stand rather than buying – we have a selection available...these can be customised with your own graphics
  • Refurbish an existing stand with new graphics – if the frame is sound, you can just update the graphics quickly & cost effectively
  • If exhibiting in the US you an reduce your drayage costs by reducing the weight of your materials. (drayage is charged in 100lbs increments) – is there an electronic alternative to heavy paper catalogues & brochures for example?
  • Fabric graphics are lighter than vinyl and pack smaller than foamboard, thus reducing shipping volume & cost

Keep in touch with the organisers & read everything!

  • Check for an official shipper for the show you are attending, these can offer some good pricing.  However, for your own peace of mind, we would suggest you contact us first!
  • Make friends with the organisers – stay in touch with them and make the most of any marketing opportunities they may have to offer

Be practical, think tactical

  • Geography matters – can you achieve your goals using local events?  This could be by region, country or continent. A show in Australia may sound wonderful, but its going to be expensive to get there.
  • Make use of social media – it’s free! Find out the official hashtag for the show, plus any other popular industry tags and use them to raise awareness of your attendance, what you will be offering, advertise any special show deals perhaps. Make sure you follow the official venue & show organisers and tag them in posts to enhance your reach and it will also increase the chances of them sharing your content
  • Bring your own food & drink from off-site for staff and visitors if possible – convention centre facilities can be considerably more expensive than offsite vendors. Think carefully before buying & shipping however, as this could be a false economy if it has an impact on your shipping costs.


If you have an event coming up that you are considering, let us know what you are looking for and we will help you acheive it.  Our job is to make the logistics in your life easier!


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