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T3 Installation Services

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T3 Installation Services

Looking for someone to build your T3 stand?

As well as being a distributor of T3, we also provide world-wide installation services.

This service is beneficial to

  • Design agencies who wish to have a stand built for their client
  • Standbuilders who need additional resource in their busy times
  • Companies and exhibitors who have a T3 stand who wish to arrive at their event to have their stand ready built for them
  • Companies who are expanding their geographical location of their events who need additional assistance with shipping as well as installation.

To further benefit you, how about combining our installation services with our international freight and shipping services?  We will let you know the deadlines to move everything then we’ll take care of the shipping of the stand and components.  EBISS will then move the stand to any world-wide destination by road, sea or air and can even take collateral and exhibitor materials too.  Where applicable, we will handle Customs clearance and delivery to the venue.  Our team would then arrive to set-up and then after the event, dismantle your stand and return it to origin.

We also have our own stock of T3.  This means that should you need additional beams or components we can add to your exisiting stock and invariably, without additional cost.  For more information, please drop us a line at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it} or complete the form below and we will be happy to contact you.