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We have been collaborating with EBISS UK for more than a year now, and we at Smiley are incredibly proud to call them our trustworthy partner when it comes to all international trade shows and other marketing related projects that we have run so far. The team at EBISS has stepped in during a busy time for Smiley, and they have always been extremely reactive (as well as proactive).


They excel at communicating and deliver only the best services. They are always flexible and come up with innovative solutions, so it’s easy to say that I would highly recommend them to anyone for the quality of their range of work they specialise in.


No matter the importance or the complexity of the task, whether it’s organising a trade show, delivering precious items for an event, assisting with creating and printing marketing materials or banners, we have always been pleasantly surprised by the quick turnaround of the project we’re working on. The attitude of the entire staff at EBISS is beyond professional, so we always feel like we’re getting the best outcome when it comes to all our projects, as they’re always focusing on the highest quality whilst also making sure our budgets are well kept into consideration.


We hope that our fruitful collaboration will last for the years to come, as it is reassuring to have a partner that always finds the most straightforward, simple, qualitative and cost-effective solutions for our business, a partner who’s always there to listen to our needs and even to our last minute requests. Whatever the task might be, I know that EBISS will always find a way, and whilst always reassuring us of our plans being on track at all times, they will deliver what they promise.

Sandra Nistor, Project Manager