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Pop Up Portable Displays

Pop up or portable display stands are one of the most efficient ways of creating a large or small backdrop to to showcase your company.


How do pop up stands work?


The Pop Up frame folds down into a small packing case, easily pops up for an eye catching display wall.

A pop up exhibition stand is made from lightweight materials in a cross braced system; this ‘pops up’ into a large framework yet concertinas down for transportation. Special bars are inserted into the frame to add strength and stability to the structure.


Pop-Up Exhibition Stand – magnetic edged vinyl graphics easily clip onto the framework

Pop up graphics are attached to the framework and magnetic tape down each rearside of the graphic panels allows you to position the panel perfectly on to the magnetic bars. Graphics can be attached the front and rear of a pop up stand, as well as to the ends, to create a completely seamless graphic area.

Alternatively, you can use fabric panels.  These are generally one complete piece of fabric and due to the high print quality available to us, a vibrant and colourful stand can be created.










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