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Q: How do you transport unique, delicate ceramic artwork across the Atlantic? A: VERY, VERY carefully! We recently did just that, delivering this unique piece of ceramic art by Chen Desheng for the London gallery of Ting Ying Studio, to its new home across the pond. Bonsai by Chen Desheng for Ting Ying Studio The Challenge: We were entrusted with this exquisite Blanc De Chine ceramic sculpture with a very delicate design featuring multiple fragile
To UK holiday makers, Tenerife is just a short hop on a plane, but how about if you need to transport an over 2m tall, 85kg marketing and advertising digital booth to Tenerife airport? Oh, and they have no commercial freight flights into the island at all. Suddenly it doesn’t sound quite so simple anymore… The Challenge: Transporting a 2m tall crated digital marketing booth safely and cost effectively to Tenerife Airport. Tenerife is found
“What weighs more – a tonne of gold or a tonne of feathers?” Of course we all know the answer – that they are exactly the same, of course. But what if the question was “which would be cheaper to ship to Outer Mongolia?” Suddenly we have added 2 extra dimensions to the problem – those of volume and density, are you still quite so confident in your answer? Such is the complexity of dealing
Exploring the psychology behind exhibition attendees and how you can leverage this to make your stand work even harder for you. We have been taking a closer look at the psychology behind exhibition attendees and seeing what makes a show a success from their point of view. Their experience is based on their own perceptions and these perceptions, real or imagined, are influenced by their own emotions and emotional responses to any situations or cues
Exhibiting can be a costly venture, but with a few savvy tricks and plenty of forward planning there are some quick and easy fixes that could save you money without reducing on your show impact. Plan ahead! Last minute panic printing & shipping can get expensive – why not arrange your printing in advance & have it delivered direct to your venue along with your stand on show day to save additional delivery charges Book